Diary to Maulana Kalam Azad


National Education Day


Respected Sir,

On your Birthday, I would take an honor to put light over what you have done is working. With due respect, I dedicate my applause and honor to you and introduce myself as your visionary country’s daughter who is being educated and being trained to be liberal, independent and a responsible citizen to work for nation.
I am very grateful to be part of a University which had a founder like You. Yes Sir , term ‘Educationalist’ is enough to define You.
Since I am history buff , I have keen interest to know past of India and read about revolution and fighters like You. I am hugeeeee fan of your ‘Nairang-i-Aalam’ and I am blown by your poetical journal.
You are truly a Bharat Ratna. And isn’t it exceptionally worthy that your work, contributions are still helping India in growth and progress eventually India pay you tribute by giving you the highest civilian award.

Its 2019 and we are at turn where we need Fighter and a Leader who should ask alike you did to all the citizens of India of all religions to come together to fight against common enemy i.e. poverty, illiteracy, corruption etc . Yes , you fought against British but now these things are cause of hinder towards growth and you would be ridiculed to know that today’s India consider Educated to those who speaks English.
Is this what you wanted Education to be ?
I mean nothing harm to learn new and advanced by cutting roots and resisting our own possessed thing which belongs to us should not be neglected.

Hindi hain Hum , watan hai.. Hindustan humara 

and I think we should feel way more Proud to speak Hindi cause it will show our culture and ethnicity.
Yes Sir with Sorry heart I am complaining you what & where we are lacking.
In my academics I went through your work ‘India Wins Freedom’ , I was like ” No, I want to read more … know more about ‘Azad’ and ‘Azaadi’ ”

Sir today’s journalism at its worst . Your journal was in support of national causes and for the unity of the people to fight against British. But now the scenario is quite complicated.
We need You, Sir !
And you know Sir, I am part of University where you are among founding fathers i.e. ‘Jamia Millia Islamia’.
And before writing this personal letter I had read and researched on You at my level and I realised that If I would be your 1% or 2% , I would be able to help my nation to accelerate your vision and dreams.
You were tremendously brilliant and
WE OWE YOU RESPECT, And my keenness indulged more when I came across this part that Jawaharlal Nehru referred to you as Mir-i-Karawan which meant a “brave and gallant gentlemen”.
And Mahatma Gandhi praised YOU as a “caliber of Pythagoras, Aristotle and Plato”.

You were Bapu’s and Cha-cha Nehru’s favorite . You had stand against Jinnah’s theory of two nation theory and rejected proposal. And you then requested all fellow Indians both Hindus and Muslims to maintain unity and keep India united. Fought odds . Asked Unity. Worked. Showed path yet we are derailing.
And I here in 2019 do SAME and urge my countrymen & women to Make it ONE NATION to live with peace and harmony .

Thank You Sir for being Pillar .

Your faithfully
A daughter of India attaining Education.


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