Ayodhya’s Bhoomi Pujan: More about slaughtering than about divinity!


-Alveera Hafeez


Even in this world of computer and technology, India is still stuck behind on the barriers of religion and caste supremacy. The people are celebrating today on Ayodhya’s “bhoomi pujan”, unaware or rather ignorant about the fact that today was the day Kashmir was put on lockdown. The ‘bhoomi’ they are worshipping is actually a ‘bhoomi’ which has been won on the bloodshed and massacre of Muslims and Hindus.

The innocent being terrified, men being killed, women being killed, kids being slaughtered. Women being raped and then killed mercilessly. Students vacating hostels so that their parents could ensure their safety. Parents were terrified what if those murderers came knocking at their doors. 

All those terror, those feelings, just remind me of the pain and the emptiness of loved ones being killed. Many people suffered with a terrible loss, someone’s father, someone’s son, someone’s mother, someone’s daughter, someone’s brother, someone’s sister lost forever in that limbo.

How can someone celebrate the bloodshed and loss of their own loved ones? How can you? Don’t you have a heart that beats? Can you feel the pain, the sufferings, the loneliness of a newly wed wife, who lost her husband or that mother who brought up her son?

The human is not human if he could not feel the pain of a fellow human being. If you cannot understand that pain, then surely you have a heart which supports prejudice, and the hearts which support prejudice are the hearts which are threatening for the peace of the society.

God doesn’t need your Mosques or Temples or Churches or Gurudwaras. He needs a heart, a pure heart who knows how to be kind to each other, how to love each other, how to help each other, and in case, your God has asked you to do bloodshed and slaughtering, you are not following the right God. 

God who has always supported the right, who has supported peace over war. God who has made the whole universe, you reckon that by making a small place on a small land for his worship on the bloodshed of so many people will please him, and if yes, then again, you are following someone below and not someone above.

Hence, I cannot celebrate the “bhoomi pujan” with you, not because I am a Muslim but because I am an Indian and I would rather dwell upon the deaths of my Indian brother and sister than support your terrorism and fakeness in the name of religion. 

AUTHOR :- Alveera hafeez



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