“If you give people nuts, you’ll get shells thrown at you”.

This is a Proverbial Wisdom from Yemen and who knew that one day this saying will be inherited in the blood of Yemen itself.

Yemen  officially the Republic of Yemen is a country at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. It is the second-largest Arab sovereign state in the peninsula, occupying 527,970 square kilometres.It was the seat of ancient advanced civilizations.

But today Yemen is facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the word as a result of ongoing war since 2015 , with more than 24 million people – some 80 per cent of the population – in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million children.

It simply means that if yemen was 100 people.. 80 need humanitarian aid to survive… 60 have nothing to eat. .. 58 have no access to clean Water… 52 have no access to health care.. 11 are malnourished , But but but.. Yemen is not 100 people. . Yemen is 28.5 million people.

Why is this happening?

Yemen is dealing with 3 main political conflicts

  • Civil war
  • -Houthis and Yemeni rebel groups with conflicting political interests have been clashing internally
  • Saudi intervention (war with iran)
  • -Saudi Arabians has claimed Iran’s support of Houthi’s control to justify Saudi-Iranian conflict-being fought out in Yemen
  • US-counter terrorism initiatives
  • -Al Qaeda presence in Yemen has been used to justify us – airstrikes of the region

The conflict has its roots in the failure of a political transition supposed to bring stability to Yemen. We can be talking about all the issues in this world but there is one issue that has been left out. The whole country of Yemen is in a state of chaos. According to a leading news channel, Coronavirus will delete Yemen from maps all over the world. Do these lines didn’t give you goosebumps. Is this what we all are taught about humanity. One child is dying every 10 minute everyday right now! No child deserves to starve to death or be in so much pain


  • In 2011 , authoritarian president  Ali Abdullah saleh was forced out by an uprising
  • Abdrabbuh mnsour hadi assumed power, but struggled with military ,courruption and food insecurity problems
  • The shia military group Houthi rebels took control of yemen’s capital and forced hadi to exile
  • In 2015 , saudi arabia created an international coalition with the US,UK and France to reinstate hadi using military force and political and economic sancions
  • The coalition has airstriked yemenis medical centers ,water  well , drilling rigs and even closed the central bank leaving Yemen’s population struggling (source:-the slack activists)

Although the country faces many issues in the modern times, it was known as Arabia Felix which means “fortunate” or “happy. But do you really think that it means the same in present day world scenarios. today the country suffers from many economic, political, and social issues,but it was one of the wealthiest Arab nations in the past. But again, do you really feel that this fact matters to those malnourished generations of this country.  My eyes became numb when I see those children are being robbed of their futures.

But all I can hope that these lines of Yemeni national anthem would one day be glorified…

Repeat, O World, my song.

“My nation, give me strength, Oh source of strength and save me for you, the best of nations.In faith and love I am part of mankind, no foreigner shall ever hold dominion over Yemen.”



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