A legend named “Shushant Singh Rajpoot”


Dear SHUSHANT, You are the epitome of modern cinema, the brightest sunshine of bollywood, the example of modesty and humbleness, the definition of humanity and the spelling of acting.We all have grown up, living with you all the characters you breathed life into,  like a painting taking the form of reality.

file photo of shushant singh rajput

Born as a normal boy of Bihar, who loves to play cricket. From that normal boy to the legendary shushant singh rajput, we’ve seen your struggle and hardwork. You made our country proud by devoting your marvellous talent to serials and bollywood films. Be it your role in pavitra rishta  to kai po che till ms dhoni the untold story, you just excelled everything gracefully. Your career of 12 years gave us the happiness and inspiration for a lifetime.

From ishaan to sarfaraz yousuf , MS Dhoni to Annii you just left us mesmerized by your versatility.

And at this time… I just remembered the character played by you of ‘Anni’ from ‘chhichhore’. And those phenomenal lines….

“Everyone has post-success plans,but if one fails no one wants to talk about how to deal with failure….

They are never prepared for it .they feel like they are failing not only in an exam but in LIFE”

SHUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT………Not only an actor but a legend.Your comic timing was appreciable with that sense of humour our minds blew,Our ‘RAGHU RAM’ left us, who deserved a ‘Thank you’No matter where ever you are,We are not going to forget you.Your name was itself enough,A truly self made man.

The ‘RAABTA’ has came to an end now, We miss our looser number 1 Every heart is your fan. ‘ kedarnath’, pk…..

Your skills will always be admiredWe’ll love our ‘ishaan bhutt’ till the end No more words are required.

“Mansoor khan” of kedarnath’, And ‘Anirudh pathak ‘ of ‘chichore’, That voice is replaying in our heads, People like you are very few.The one who always devotedBollywood has lost it’s hero,A package of talent wholesome.

The JEE-Mains and Neet exam is not over yet our Anni was a hope for all the students .  now how would the cope from depression if they fail, by seeing your real life example??  

You made me recover my will with your battle against Depression, And you made me recreate myself with all your smiling grace and honesty. But ,at last life is not fair for all

I was numbed when I read the scrolling with your photo as a remembrance. I’ve cried as your eyes moistened, I’ve smiled with your comic snippets, But it breaks my heart to know, I’ve to do all of it, alone, without you.

If Indian cinema had a dictionary of existence it’s incomplete with you sir, you will be remembered till the last person lives, who have watched you on screen,  in memories, in heart, in vision,  you’ll forever stay. I wish your goodbye didn’t arrive this soon to us.

But i would always regret your decision of committing sucide … sucide is never ever an option… yet we don’t know what you were going through …. but still it wasn’t an option….

Here is all our love, heart, mind and soul for you. May you find the brightest place in heaven as you have found in our hearts.

May your soul rest in peace, You are immortal in the cinema world This nation is going to miss you,

A legend named shushat singh rajpoot


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