YOUTUBE V/S TIKTOK : the story of ignorant Indian youth


We all know the trending topic these days which is YouTube vs Tik Tok. This story has taken shapes and turn that are interesting to watch; from Carryminati to Amir Siddiqui everybody is making videos on this topic. You tubers and TikTockers are roasting each other in whatever way they feel is right. Audiences (mostly teenagers) are more curious and enthusiastic about this debate. We can understand that for these content creators this spat is just another way to create more content which is their job, but how is it affecting the youth? This is the question that no one is asking. Instead of asking which side are you on one should ask is it a debate to be. While it is everybody’s right to choose their interest and the topic they want to engage in but it is at the same time disturbing to see what the youth today chooses to engage in.

This is a screenshot was shared on twitter. Its purpose is to just represent the situation

Today we are in a country wide lockdown due to a pandemic that has brought the world down to its knees. Economy is sinking like anything, people are losing jobs, migrant labors are forced to walk hundreds of kilometers to reach their homes because of lack of jobs and food and what we choose to talk about on social media is ‘Ye saare TikTockers meethe hote hain’. Is this the India we want to create, which ignores every discussion and discourse that concerns the real world and focuses on things that are related to world that has nothing to do with reality. This is not to say that entertainment world is of no importance, it is quite important and may be for some it is the saving grace in these crazy times and it also doesn’t mean that youth should not engage in entertainment but what is the limit. We need to ponder on the thought that this is the same youth that will make the citizenry of the country tomorrow, that in order to become a crtically and rationally thinking generation, the generation need to think about something meaningful and engage into meaningful conversations.

The Debate and its Impact

So the debate is which platform is better YouTube or TickTock which has now been turned into whose creators are better. Firstly one is a platform where there is no time limit to your videos other is a platform where one minute is the limit, the comparison in it self seems meaningless. One may argue that TikTock doesn’t provide any constructive content while it may be true or not but the point is if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Secondly criticizing somebody on their content may be your right but there must be a limit to what to you say. The things that some of the ‘roasters’ say about TikTockers are disturbing and just highlight the deeply rooted castes, classism and sexism in the society. We need to strive hard to become a better society and not bring back the social evils that have been embedded in the society for so long. It is our job to pull them out and do away with these primitive thoughts.

At last we shoud understand that what is important and what is not. Instead of demanding justice for Carry’s video we should try to understand what was wrong with it. YouTube deleting his video might be an issue of taking away the freedom of expression but we need to have a look at the other side and ask a few questions:

  • Was Carry’s video offensive?
  • Is there any way that what carry said could have a drastic impact on his immature audience?
  • Is it right to use to the words meetha, chakka aur beti as an insult?
  • And finally: Is YouTube vs TickTok the most important debate?

Just see these picture and ask yourself , What is the real issue ? what we need to focus on, ya we can demand justice for carry not because his video was deleted but because someones freedom of expression was taken down on a social platform.

BY:- KASHIF KHAN ( Persuing Masters(Centre for Culture Media and Governance) from JMI )


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