Passion- your unique tool to success!


In our given day and age it is very easy to lose track of who we are and what we want to do with our lives. A lot of times people end up doing something they are not sure of picking in the first place for example:

A person decides to pursue a career in science solely because everyone else in his/her surroundings are doing so.

The 21st century’s India has brought with it the unfortunate Individuality crisis wherein a person totally loses track of who he/she really is, this malady makes itself the most apparent within the youth of this nation. 

Kids nowadays have no clue of what they want to be when they grow up and where would they want to see themselves in a span of 10 years, this confusion or a lack of confusion (as they do not even bother to think of this issue in some instances) can be a very dangerous thing for the future of the country’s development.

What Kids nowadays are generally told follows the narrative of

A lot of people are doing such and such, you should do such and such as well

Indian parents

This has been a very prominent outlook of success by the previous few generations, everyone wants to tread the road where herds of people are treading, everyone wants to have that sense of security of what path they follow , this is given to them by the observation that a lot of people are following the same path. In short nobody wants to take risk in our time, especially in India, but you know, life is not very interesting without risks.

Although many people have tried to address this issue in various fashions some give the prominent example of the “Road not taken” by Robert Frost, and hence they head to the conclusion that one should always take risks. My approach would prefer to differ from these cliché narratives. 

What I want to establish here is that it is not necessary that one takes risk in their life regularly, but it is very necessary that one lives their life on their own accord not according to society’s norms and fancies at all time. What one should pursue is progress not success, because success according to every individual in our society nowadays has become a very monotonous thing, it has only one path for it to be acquired. But progress is something that is governed by you, the main thing is that you keep improving each day in whatever field you are in. You can create your own path instead of treading on what are the “Roads not taken”

Your outlook on what you want to achieve in life should be governed by what makes you happy and that is where you will find your passion, though it is not necessary to all out pursue only your passion on the stake of potential bankruptcy, you can go out and explore all the things that might have the potential of being your new passion and in the process you can find a way to monetize them as well and along with that you can learn some new skills which may even lead you into developing an interest for them and coincidentally might have a very huge demand in the industry as well.

So, in the end what you really want to do is: discover yourself and your individuality. And mold them in such a way that it benefits all of society.


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