No teacher, not a single lecture yet Jamia Administration forces students to fill examination form


New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia students of Tourism and Travel Management (TTM) are facing tremendous uncertainty due to callous behaviour of University administration and concerned department as they’re yet to appoint professors for their foreign language(MTTM-205) and air ticketing course (BTTM), added to that they do not have any syllabus for the subject and as of now, no online teaching material is supplied for the same to the students.

Now students are forced to fill the Examination forms with the same subject. Students are disturbed and panicking because of gross administrative failure for which they are now being made to pay for.

“It is impossible for us to appear for a paper we have not been taught a single lecture for whole semester. We are forced to fill the online semester examination form and now we are worried about that paper. Our academic prospect is at stake”

A student of MTTM first year told Mehfil-e-jamia

In this regard All India Students Association (AISA-JMI) in a press release wrote-

“We all do realise that we are into times when world battles a major healthcare crisis with spread of Corona pandemic. In such times burdening students with extra paper might affect their academic performance. As of now, no online class has commenced for the paper which department is promising. How would few online class solve the crisis and how productive & inclusive would be online lectures given its own limitations. We demand concrete steps from Jamia admin in such testing times instead of window dressing”

Similarly, Campus Front JMI in a press release reiterated demands made by students of MTTM (JMI) and said

“1. Department of MTTM(JMI) should immediately appoint a professor and come out with an elaborate plan as to how will they carry forward teaching of the subject while maintaining the academic standard for the same without rushing through it.

  1. Students of MTTM (JMI) will not be forced into filling the examination form until satisfactory teaching of the subject is accomplished.

3.As no offline classes were held for the subject(mttm-205) even before the closing of the university and now if the department decides to complete the whole syllabus through online module it should ensure that all students are caught up with it as many students fear lack of internet access could leave them behind with online learning and that could hurt future prospects for those students.

  1. Final decision about this issue should be taken democratically i.e. with complete consultation of students of MTTM (1st year)

During this time of the global pandemic, we expect Jamia administration and faculties to be sensitive towards the difficulties of students as many suffer from anxiety or economic uncertainty due to these unprecedented times. Such insensitive behaviour is shocking as well as saddening at the same time.
We expect this issue to be taken on priority and redressed without any further delay.”


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