Boy’s Locker room: leak exposes Delhi young boys talking about Rape.


According to the latest updates, some members of the Instagram group “Boy’s locker room” have been arrested under the section 66A of the IT Act for cyberbullying.
The group was run by school boys from South Delhi who were sharing images of women, underage girls including nudes without their permission on the group. The group was exposed when a girl was added in that group and ended up sharing it on various social media platforms with the help of her friends. An Instagram user by the name of Niska Nagpal was one of the first to expose the group on Instagram. Nagpal pointed out that the group was full of images of women, many of them were minors.
The Boy’s locker room chats were disgusting and shocking. This is an endlessly repetitive pattern which has given rise to rape culture in our society. Here are some pictures showing how shameless they were talking about raping someone:

When the women began to threaten the member of the group with action, some allegedly threatened to leak their nude photos. None of the photos were given to the members of the group by consent. In the images, it can be seen that rape is no big deal for them and women are just toys for them to play with!

The posts about the group went viral and many joined the outrage against the group. Following the outrage, a cyber cell investigator started the investigation and managed to find the contact information of some of the members and admin of the group. Some of them have been arrested under section 66A of IT Act for cyber bullying.
The Delhi Commission for Women took cognisance of the matter and has issued a statement, calling for strict action against the members and admins of the group.

This was just one group which got exposed, imagine how many would be there.

Report by :- Samiya Zafar


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