Right Wing Misogynist Falsely abuse Safoora zargar’s pregnancy


On 6th of October 2018 Safoora got married but right wing group is busy in character assassination and posting defamatory remarks regarding her pregnancy on social media.

Safoora Zargar, a MPhil student of Jamia Millia Islamia who was one of the major faces anti-CAA protest was charged with UAPA terror law in the middle of the lockdown in the second trimester of her pregnancy and is being held captive in Tihar Jail without any bail.
In between all this chaos Right wing people are doing what they are best in which is playing the blame game on the victim.
On 3rd May 2020 the Right Wing was trending a hashtag (#Shaheen_Bagh) on twitter making disgusting and false Accusations on Safoora’s pregnancy claiming her pregnancy to be illegitimate.

Checking Facts before posting anything online is the least priority of Right Wing people, what they prefer most is spreading false information to satisfy their hatred
In October 2018 Safoora Zargar was married and now when she was expecting her first baby she was sent to solitary confinement at Tihar Jail under false charges as she was one of the strongest leading voices in anti-CAA protest.

Some of their tweets are posted below for you to check that how low they will go to satisfy their hatred.

He claims to be ex -Army men in his bio

Team mehfil-e-jamia condemns this act of defamation of a woman’s character



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