Sadaqatul Jariyah “a virtue that is forever continuous”


“For men may come and men may go ,but I go on forever”

Quite like the flowing brook which flaunts of its immortal nature there exists a deed which in terms of the rewards gained on fulfilling it is no less than immortal itself.

Sadaqatul Jariyah as it is known, translates directly to, “a virtue that is forever continuous”,Jariyah in particular means “flowing” or “continuous”. It is known as such because unlike the rest of the deeds that we do whose rewards are only bounded by our life time, this deed can reap for us rewards that we will continue to receive even after we pass away, hence this makes it one of the greatest feats every muslim should try to accomplish.

“How does Sadaqatul Jariyah work, and how can you offer it?”

Basically how Sadaqatul Jariyah works is that you do a deed whose benefits can be taken for a really long time.

There are many ways in which you can offer Sadaqatul, here are a few:

·Planting a tree: You can always plant a tree or a bunch of trees in your lifetime, and for every bird or any other creature that rests on it and for every person who finds shade under it, you will receive a reward, and this will continue for as long as the tree(s) exist and for as long as the people and other creatures are benefiting from it.

·Digging a well: This is one of the very obvious ones, because when you dig a well you provide water which itself is such a blessing and can be utilised in hundreds of ways, and for as long as the well exists and contains water and for as long as that water is being utilised you will continue to receive a reward for each and every drop.

·The chain reaction: Suppose you teach a kid a small surah of the Qur’an or any other sort of beneficial knowledge for that matter (like watching both sides before crossing a road etc) or any other knowledge of ethics. When that kid grows up and implements those teachings into his/her life you will receive a reward and for each time he/she recites the surah you taught, you will get a reward for each letter for as long as that kid lives and keeps reciting that surah, and yeah, that’s not the end of it, now check this, if that kid grows up and teaches that/those surah(s) you taught to say another 3 or 4 children, each time they recite the surah(s) in their prayer or whenever, you will receive a reward for each letter for as long as they live, and this can keep going on for generations and hence the chain reaction. You can achieve a similar result by gifting someone a copy of Qur’an or distributing several copies in several masajid. This should be a big motivation to go and impart Islamic knowledge or knowledge that is of benefit onto any small children you know, Wallahi it can change your afterlife by a long shot. To end I would like to quote our beloved prophet (pbuh) when he said that “the best of you are who learn the Qur’an and teach it”. And what better time to do that than in the month of Ramadan also known as the month of Qur’an.

May Allah give us the strength and guidance to act upon and seek such rewards and most importantly, may he grant us his mercy. Ameen.

By:- Adnan Qayyum khan


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