A glimpse on the Central canteen


An aura that surrounds the cool breeze,the squirrels glancing up,the scorching summer sun, the drizzling rain on the silent benches and the alluring winter mornings around;undoubtedly makes you fall in love with this place more often. Standing sturdy surrounded by greenery around,yes I’m talking about the central canteen located just a few steps into gate no 7 of Jamia Millia Islamia.

A place known and is famous for its delish course of meals but that’s not all,the ongoing events be it streetplay or any rally that’s meant to be held either starts from here or atleast definitely passes through this place once. There’s a different vibe altogether here which is somewhat rare to be found elsewhere in jamia.

Be it a newbie or an ongoing student,everyone is so fond of this place maybe because there’s a sense of serenity you’ll find here. I remember the first time I came here and was quite skeptical and clueless about everything,this very central canteen held me into and made me feel so comfortable on my own. The biryani which I had here & the juice counter bhaiyaa made this place so familiar for me and I knew I’ve something to hold onto in this new place. Until I met the juice wale bhaiyaa,who was so kind enough to add extra into my glass everytime I didn’t know you can so profoundly adore a place who was unknown to you. After long tiring endless classes,you’ll always find worn out students either mimicking the fun they had during the lecture or probably be complaining about the how long the class extended. If there’s a fact about bunking out lectures,almost every fresher loves spending time in or around this place. Central canteen serves a wide variety of food and drinks to quench thirst & fill the tummy with dishes ranging from chinese to indian cuisines. Undoubtedly the tea point is a relief after a tiring day to let go off all the stress that’s been inculcated during the day. The xerox point next to the tea stall,is a blessing that the students are obliged about since it is one on one help to every student around jamia.

This place isn’t just captured by students but you’ll find teachers alike during lunch breaks or after having their little time out there. The newly added benches around the area is just something everyone is so grateful enough as it serves a lateral view of the entire area. The early winter mornings are so peaceful here with the chirp of birds and the cool breeze following by and so is the spring which brings around so much delight and hue. Truly,a place everyone cherishes after they’ve graduated as it holds a very deep connection with all the memories shared.

  • Penned by:- @alive_insane_
  • picture credit @haris_humnafas_


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